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Photo essay

This photo essay is partly based on what I believe is the divide that has built up
between different traditions, culture and race in South Africa. What particularly
began to interest me   was the breakdown of the traditional African family structure,
the impact   of westernization and the realities of the economy in South Africa in the daily
lives of woman. Increasingly  woman  have  to  enter  to the  labour  market ,no longer  the  homemakers  and   primary  caregivers of the traditional family  dynamics  but  in  many  cases  the breadwinners. is  this  the  end  of  the  old  way  of  life  or  the beginning  of  a new  family  structure?

Most black  woman  enter  labour  market  after  completing  their  studies, although  a  small  percentage  between  the  age  20  and 30  stay  at home  during  their  childbearing  years, but  many  more and more are  entering  the  labour  market at a later  stage,  many  of  them  are single mothers   who  need to  provide  for  their  children  and  extended  families.

In this  body  of  work  I am looking  at  their everyday  movements  through  Johannesburg  as  they  go  to  work,  shop  or  return  home.  I see  this  movement  as an  indication  the  strength  and  achievement  of  these  woman.    

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carol carol said...

I'd like to see more of this.